Sunday, January 27, 2013

Making money through blogging...adsense is nonsense!

I was naive enough to fall for this "making money online" crap. Google searches are filled with untrue stories of people telling us how they got rich through blogging. Reading all that nonsense made me think of starting a blog. I fantasized about getting lots of visitors and being paid in billions (OKAY, millions).

So, I applied for a Google adsense account. But there is the catch, you get advertisements on your blog through Google, but you will be paid ONLY IF someone clicks on them. And you cannot ASK anyone to click (that means, clicks have to be free-willed). Thus, even if your blog is attracting thousands of visitors a day, and no one is clicking on the lousy ads, you are going to get nothing. Yes Sir! NOTHING.

This implies, Google makes it your responsibility to write stuff, attract online visitors, and MAKE people CLICK those ads.

HOW UNJUST! I want to ask Google, if advertisements are not attractive enough (and no one wishes to click them), what is the fault of blogger.

My blog is up since 2010, and in three years I have made how much??? FOUR DOLLARS. Yes Sir, only four dollars. Google says that it will start paying after I cross threshold of $100. With this speed, I will cross the threshold in 25 year. Now I'm cursing myself for falling in to this absurdity.

And so, isn't all that crap about making money online just rubbish?

Guys, if someone is fooling you with this concept of making billions through adsense, blogspot, or Google, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.

Blog for the fun of it, stop thinking of earning anything.



  1. Still you have got Adsense on your website. Interesting :)

  2. well earning money online takes more effort then 'physical business'....and a lot of luck imo.

  3. For the sake of this valuable piece of advice, i have clicked on one your google add, cheers :D

  4. thanks Umar, but Google Ad Sense doesn't like it. It wants people to click on their own. I was checking stats, approx five thousand people visited my blog and only ten of them clicked :(